in depth study provides timeshare resale values

A new timeshare industry resource is available for information on timeshare resale values. The in-depth data was collected by Sharket, who extensively studied the timeshare resale market.  Their organization claims to have compiled a comprehensive and up-to-date database of actual timeshare resale transactions worldwide.  The findings were gathered from more than 1,400 of the most widely transacted timeshare resorts.


Sharket explains the methodology in how their research data is obtained, refined and processed. Including sales transaction data derived from sources such as public information/county recorder’s offices, sales data from timeshare brokers, and online auctions.  Extrapolating information to gain what Sharket considers “the most valid, most representative of timeshare resale transactions.”  This means excluding sales involving developer buy backs and bulk purchases intended to be sold again to individual buyers, They also removed transfers between family members, other zero dollar sales transactions, and multiple timeshares in one sale that can skew the data. Sharket specifically reports on owner to owners sales to maintain a “true or valid resale” between timeshare owner consumers to gain what they feel is the true “worth” of a timeshare. Surprisingly, approximately 85-90% of all timeshare resale transactions were excluded due to these reasons. Sharked claims that this effort is not wasted as it results in a more accurate timeshare resale history database.


As an added timeshare resale tool, Sharket created what they consider the “saleability score” of timeshare resale interests.  This attempts to measure how marketable and liquid a timeshare is considered by their definitions.  Basically using an index number scoring system as a determining factor in whether or not a timeshare has any real saleability for one to “get out” of their timeshare. The data is quantified on a 0-10 scale, 10 representing a timeshare that could be expected to sell at a higher than average price or sell quicker.


Sharket’s describes themselves as a driving force is to help to make the timeshare secondary market more efficient, transparent and reliable.  An effort that they hope “brings legitimacy to not only each individual transaction but to the resale market as a whole.”

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