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A recent timeshare resale data report has listed the top resorts in the timeshare resale market. Their research included over 1,400 resorts in an 18-month study, ranking them by resale volume and typical pricing. The top 8 on the list are properties that the research firm scored a perfect 10 by their definition of what […]


A new timeshare industry resource is available for information on timeshare resale values. The in-depth data was collected by Sharket, who extensively studied the timeshare resale market.  Their organization claims to have compiled a comprehensive and up-to-date database of actual timeshare resale transactions worldwide.  The findings were […]

A number of significant and controversial legislative changes have been implemented in a bill just passed by Florida Senate to amend The Florida Vacation Plan and Timesharing Act. Amendments that were deemed by some as necessary to update Florida’s timeshare laws to adjust for newer market practices and models, but changes that are likely to  […]


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