The Timeshare Consultant™… a professional timeshare consumer advocate and advisor. I am not a listing, resale, cancellation, rental or exit service company nor am I affiliated with any such organizations. For over 16 years I’ve been providing timeshare consumers looking to buy, sell, transfer out of or maximize their timeshares, with the professional and unbiased guidance that they seek. Helping to support them on all levels of need and challenges with useful information, advanced insights, formidable ideas, cautions, forewarnings, and valuable insider secrets. Allowing them to make wise timeshare decisions and remain guarded and financially protected in their dealings in the timeshare industry.


As a true timeshare owner advocate, throughout my career, I’ve remained distinctly devoted to credible, straightforward and honest methods of coaching, counseling and writing. Characteristics that most agree are refreshing to find in the timeshare industry. Proudly upholding my professional integrity in the timeshare business has been a clear reinforcement of my ongoing dedication to truly help timeshare consumers.


Generally speaking, my overall focus has been providing those in need of assistance with a greater education on important timeshare facts, representation, processes, due diligence, and developer stipulations for a positive and proper transaction to all. However, over past years of working with timeshare owners, I’d been amazed at the magnitude of how many of those consumers had already unknowingly made wrong assumptions and costly mistakes. Often being directly scammed or taken advantage of in their efforts to buy or sell their timeshares. Having a strong desire to help consumers, especially to avoid the ongoing flood of timeshare resale fraud, made me feel compelled to do more than just my everyday guidance. After years of added research, collecting stories and testimonials from owners who were victimized in the timeshare industry, and my own personal experiences from vacation ownership, I finally wrote the book “Getting Out of a Timeshare–A Comprehensive & Precautionary Guide”. As a much needed information and strategy source, specifically highlighting resale scams and gimmicks, it immediately created a way to reach more people around the world seeking general guidance and support, along with specific insight and precautions, when attempting to get out of their timeshare safely and effectively. If this is your goal, I’m excited to have the opportunity to help to guide you, as well, in your decision to get out of your timeshare.


With my strong belief that consumers deserve the much needed transparency in the timeshare industry, as “The Timeshare Consultant”™, I’ve always delivered the true bottom line of vacation ownership. In fact, since I don’t endorse or support any of the various types of organizations mentioned in my material, I’m able to provide my readers with a refreshingly objective and direct source of comprehensive information…all for just the small cost of the book. No other commitments or contracts and no need to spend countless hours on the web piecing together information from unknown sources with ulterior motives.


I hope that you’ll trust me to positively and successfully guide you, as I have thousands of other timeshare consumers. Check out recent important industry news and insider tips on my blog and download my new e-book if you’re wanting to get out of timeshare.


Together, we can help other timeshare owners to be more educated and safeguarded against timeshare fraud.


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